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Your paranoia is showing again...

I'm a government paid troll? Sounds like paranoia to me.

I'm not calling for any censorship... I'm just amazed at the ilk I'm keeping company with at the Daily Paul. I'm surprised that the community isn't 'self-censoring' such topics by voting them down.

You are calling for dead children to be shown to you. Anything else is hearsay in your eyes... One DP member states that they have a friend that was at one of the funerals - and you reply "Please provide links to this information - don't just SAY it. What is the source of this information?"

What else would satisfy you? You don't want articles/pictures/links/witnesses... you want to see the bodies.

Another DP member posted that they live very near the 'go to' funeral home in Sandy Hook... and they beg you to stop this crap. You never replied to that post... well, I guess you should be ashamed.

And finally - in your post that I cite in my original post... you state:

If you're going to down-vote this post without commenting so we know who you are... when you look in the mirror KNOW THAT YOU ARE A COWARD and an EMBARRASSMENT to me and a lot of others here that you would ever call yourself an AMERICAN.

Well vinceableworld... who is the coward? I post with my real name... who the hell are you? A punk is all. A punk hiding behind a handle - calling people names - calling for the public display of dead children. You are an embarrassment to the movement - and that is the point of my original post - I'm embarrassed to be here.