Comment: I know many of you just

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I know many of you just

blatantly disreguard what Harris has stated as just Israel bashing, because you have been trained that any attack against the Jews should automatically be considered anti-Semitic. However, most of the people who make statements like Harris, are looking at the 'real' track record of those who believe they are the 'chosen', and how they will go to any lengths to achieve their agenda. He might be wrong on his possible scenario, but when you look at the unreported, in the US anyway, even the declassified American Itel reports showing their radical methods to achieve their goals. Here, is a brief overview by Jim Dean, Managing Editor of Veterans Today, of the buried declassified intel on the Zionists track record. If you don't know the enemy and their undermining politician buying, blackmailing, ect, you will never be able to defeat them. Dean isn't some 'nobody' as somebody attacked Harris with, here's his Bio.
Here's what every American needs to know about our 'allies'