Comment: In their thinking, yes

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In their thinking, yes

"The liberals could cheer it on, the neocons could hold their gun rights (for the time being)."

The second half of that sentence was unnecessarily hyperbolic. True neocons represent only a very tiny percentage of American gun owners.

It would be be hard to argue that your hypothetical development could NOT happen. Indeed, it's consistent with contemporary Establishment thinking - namely, focus on the minutiae and turn the science of risk management on its head. Political agenda, rather than science, drives public policy.

But a "TSA/DHS" solution won't work, because at some point during the day the children will need recess, and virtually all public schools conduct recess outdoors, where children would be exposed to potential external threats. If another tragic event subsequently occurred on the playgrounds, what would be the next level of escalation? Huge new structures for indoor recess? I should think that even ardent public school advocates would become increasingly uneasy about escalation. After all, it was a bit of a surprise that *librarians* objected to federal law enforcement interest in profiling suspects based on their library activity.

And given the excesses of today's regulatory and enforcement environment, what happens if a child somehow gets on the "no fly" list and can't enter school? Don't laugh - the probability of eventual occurrence is greater than zero. You just *know* it's going in that direction. This development would create troubling new dilemmas for the State...and troubling new "solutions."