Comment: Thanks Ben...and leapingfurther

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Thanks Ben...and leapingfurther

I wrote a post a long time ago about what happened when I was handing out RP brochures. Aside from homes and meetings, I went to sporting goods and gun stores.


I overheard a group of guys talking in a sporting goods store that voting doesn't matter and that a lot of folks just aren't going to vote anymore. One guy told another customer in there that Bush/Obama were directly responsible for more guns being purchased in this country than anytime they could ever remember during their lifetime. They were buying all kinds of stuff, and ammo. Then this other guy mentioned that the number of militia in this country has surpassed any number in history but they no longer participate on the internet.

I thought I had an easy in with Ron Paul and tried to approach a couple of guys with RP 2nd Amendment slims. One guy told me told me to quit acting like a brainwashed panzy and all that political crap was for peons like me.

Something is brewing, and it ain't beer.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul