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Thank You

Thousands, actually, but I'll spare you.

I would agree that teachers should have much more authority over the discipline of the students; the PC world has gotten out of hand.

The decline of education is obviously a complex issue, with many facets, with the decline in parental involvement being one of the most important, IMO. The reason for that decline is a whole can of worms all on its own.

I do believe that most teachers are hardworking, and sadly, many are required to dip into their own meager salary for supplies, as education budgets are always the first to be slashed.
For one of the most important things a society can do for itself, ours seems to largely ignore it.

I do see much of this as government involvement. Letting them decide curriculum, attendance, or anything about education is akin to madness. If there is Federal money for education, it should be provided with zero strings attached. Each state, city, or district should be able to decide what’s in the best interest of the specific children they are in charge of.

An article here on DP talks about a piece released by a Routers reporter which has very deep implications to school and education, and I find it frightening.

I have only recently learned about some alternatives to traditional education. Many of them do have some very strong concepts. The idea that you don’t teach children to walk is a powerful one. They teach themselves, with encouragement and guidance only. When they are done trying for the day, no amount of cajoling with further the standing /walking process.

I was reading before kindergarten because I insisted on being taught.
I probably would have been diagnosed with something and medicated, if I were 6 years old today. I simply recall being bored quite often. Until I learned to appear interested, I had some difficulties. ;)

I do recall one class with only 7 students. Common class size at that time was 25 to 30ish. We had the pleasure of having a stellar teacher for that one also. I doubt any of us will ever forget “Mr. K” ;)
All the students participated eagerly, even a couple so called “trouble makers”, and we were a close class.

One last thing, Thank you for being a teacher. In my opinion, the most important job in the country.
A teacher’s salary should be at least equal to a congressmen’s salary, teachers are WAY more important. :)
(I hope you’re not an English teacher {blush}).

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