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As wicked93gs said

Maybe the "giants" were just a tribe of 7' or 8' tall people. After all, a seven foot tall person pretty much *is* a giant from the perspective of someone who was say, only 5'4" or so.

As for the photos, they're fairly well-done photoshops. I know at least one is for a fact because I've seen the original picture several times (a man looking at a mastodon, "giant").

I'm not discounting the possibility of ancient "giant" peoples (as in say, 7' to 9'), but not of the fee-fi-fo-fum variety. After all, it's not as if Homo Sapiens were the only hominids to ever exist. We've only been the dominant hominids for about 30,000 to 200,000 years, depending on the evidence you believe, and your opinion on whether or not Neanderthals attempted to civilize themselves before Sapiens did (jury still seems to be out on that one).

Norse mythology also speaks quite a bit about giants, although Norse mythology is seldom literal...

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