Comment: Very good points.

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Very good points.

Here is a quote from Leo Tolstoy about the Roman emperor Constantine in the 4th Century AD, when Christianity first became co-opted by the state for its own purposes:

"No-one said to (Constantine): 'the Kings exercise authority among the nations, but among you it shall not be so. Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not lay up riches, judge not, condemn not, resist not him that is evil.' But they said to him - 'you wish to be called a Christian and to continue to be a chieftain and a robber, and kill, burn, fight, lust, execute and live in luxury. That can all be arranged.' And they arranged a Christianity for him, and arranged it very smoothly. Better even than could have been expected. They foresaw that reading the gospels it might occur to him that all this is demanded. And not the building of temples and worshipping in them. This they foresaw and they carefully devised such a Christianity for him as would allow him to continue to live his old heathen life unembarrassed."

Great explanation of it here at 53min mark:

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.