Comment: They are the Cause

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They are the Cause

in some way, they deal with all the issues you specify

core message of private property, non-interventionism, respect for individual civil liberties, and free market capitalism

It’s a matter of degree. Many saw the conspiracy to appoint Romney as Republican Presidential Candidate 2012, and if talked about in some circles, will get you branded a nut.

The Sandy Hook Affair, if some of the things they say are true, represents an attack on individual civil liberties. Certainly the MSM won't let any tragic event go unused, and is tuning it to a gun restriction agenda. It should be analyzed if only to prevent that.

And, of course, if 9/11 was anything but what the government specifically said, well, that is, was, and always will be an attack on pretty much everything that I believe liberty stands for, and has given us “battlefield America”.

It's clear the media is on their side, for whatever reason (conspiracy?). The Stanford/NYU paper on the drone war has not been widely publicized, even though Denis Kucinich brought it before a senate subcommittee.
Some people still think the drone war is just a peachy idea, what with the precision targeting and all. ;)

Oh, and who can forget the conspiracy’s surrounding the FED, and money in general?

Although, sometimes, when Alex Jones is foaming at the mouth, spittle flying in all directions, I have to take a couple steps back (you know, because of the spittle). That man needs a valium. ;)

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