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The use of the English Language

is fascinating. I posted a definition of the word "conspiracy" in another thread. Using that definition, the largest "conspiracy theory" was advanced by the government, 19 Arab Muslims hijacked airplanes using box cutters. When people attempt to tell the truth as they view the truth some with supporting evidence, we have another name for them. Whistle Blowers. We're told by the media to hold these people in contempt also.

The record of events on 9/11 is a theory and will remain a theory because those most closely involved all died. People who aided and supported them where never brought to justice. In fact, only one person was ever put on trial for their part in 9/11. That's true.

What happened to government people who stood by for 75 minutes while four errant commercial airliners flew around US airspace, off course and with the transponders turned off? Nothing. In fact, some of the same people who did nothing to defend the United States on 9/11, were promoted. That's true.

Why is it important for the media to defame the words conspiracy, and truth? When we allow the media to defame the word "conspiracy" and defame the word "truth" what we might be left with is lies and liars.

The first amendment states we have the God given, natural right to redress our government. Of course, there isn't much time for redress with the media labeling those who ask questions and seriously want answers as conspiracy theorists and truthers. Don't listen to the message, shoot the messenger.

Defamation is the last refuge of non-thinkers.
-Rabbi Meir Kahane

Someone didn't like what Rabbi Kahane was saying. Rabbi Kahane was assassinated in the lobby of a New York City hotel in November, 1990. The man accused of the assassination of Rabbi Kahane, El Sayyid Nosair, was put on trial and got off on a technicality. El Sayyid Nosair is now spending the rest of his life in prison, after being convicted for his participation in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. That's true.