Comment: Like I said; a liar. Big centralized government? Still waiting.

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Like I said; a liar. Big centralized government? Still waiting.

"You- "Government is not the cause of injustice." <-OH REALLY!!!!!"

Yes, really. Like I've said many times, Anarchists don't know where injustice comes from, why one person decides to use force to take another persons liberty. Government is a man made and imperfect response to the injustice created by our covetous nature, and like I said, Anarchist are worthless to justice, and thus liberty, because they think they can get rid of injustice by getting rid of government.

We've already tried Anarchy, over and over again. It doesn't work. You'll be screaming for justice once you see what you unleash, because a free market of violence will not serve justice or defend liberty. The free market rewards VALUE. People want to get the most value they can for their money, and there's no better way to create value than through injustice, through SLAVERY because productive labor is where value is born.

All you'll create is a system where "might makes right" in a free market of muscle, goon squads, serving mans covetous nature.

I really wish you DID know. Maybe we would have a chance, but we don't...

As for all the rest of those quotes, I stand by them, and it all stems from the fact that you think injustice is born in government, when it's born from the evil inside us, and the free market has NO PROBLEM serving that evil.