Comment: The Arab so called Spring

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The Arab so called Spring

The Arab so called Spring have definitely shown that fighting does work, as long as it is pursued vigorously enough. We're no longer suck with Somalia as the Bly example. Even in Syria, where Assad were seemingly untouchable, the oppressors looks to be falling. And will likely be replaced by nothing particularly permanent, as is the case in Egypt and Libya. As I've been predicting for at least a decade, Mogadishu in the 90s is inevitable anywhere. Sooner or later, even the most thoroughly well indict acted progressive drones, will realize they are not only getting the short end of the stick, but do in fact have the ability to redress this. And then the fun begins......

Also, looking at the pioneers, the Somalis, it is encouraging to see that even after two decades of the "international community" trying to force a bunch of government scum n them, they are still managing to stay relatively unencumbered by that particular evil. And Egypt looks to be evolving the same way, no matter how much idiots at Fox News and elsewhere pine for a "strong military leader" or an "elected something" appoint himself ruler.

With some luck, perhaps we'll get to experience a similar "American spring" in our lifetime. With a similar outcome.