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Comment: I never said "you were not responsible" I quoting you

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I never said "you were not responsible" I quoting you

You said that.

I thought you were saying that you were not responsible for "saving" your children or anyone it was between them and God.

My remarks are not snarky, I'm just going by scripture -- which says that those not saved or who follow the anti-christ or a false-religion will go to hell and be burnt forever and ever, torn apart again and again for ever and ever without parole.

Mormons worked in a parole-clause -- Catholics have pergatory (so there's a chance at acquital); but good-ole Martin Luther created a tight little box for you Protestants.

Jews get locked in their bodies till rapture -- could be thousands of years -- if they lived a good life then it's a blissful sleep, if bad then they are restless 'till rapture.

If you are a true-believer than you know what's in store and it don't matter how good a person is or how tight they are with their family -- for a protestant parent it should be a daily nightmare and torturous existence.

If every day is not a nightmare then maybe you don't "believe" those aspects of the bible? If not then why believe any part of it, I mean if you can pick and chose then follow Jefferson's re-worked bible, he took out the nasty bits.

I'm being serious -- it's cool if you don't want to chat but don't read contempt or snarkiness in my language.

I just don't believe that "believers" believe all the way -- how could you, knowing that most of the people in your life and 99% of all human beings are in or going to the worst horror-show imaginable?