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Oh really?

"But what the hell does Ron know, right?"

Good question. What DOES Ron Paul really know? You can't say can ya?

Just what is Ron Paul's agenda? He isn't proposing secession like Lew Rockwell. Am I "an ignoramus talking out my ass" for noticing that fact?

Is that Ron Paul's agenda too, to break up the US? As you say, he and Lew Rockwell have been friends for 40 years. I find it hard to believe he doesn't understand who and what he's associating himself with.

Is it a scam going back 40 years to use and exploit liberty minded Americans to serve their agenda; to break up the US? You wanna team up with ole Lew and Murray? Just make it clear who and what Lew Rockwell now serves, and don't try and portray me quoting Lew Rockwell as "talking out my ass".

It's not my ass making the noise. It's Lew Rockwell's mouth.