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Let me get this straight. We say that we want to solve problems by getting people to think about what they are doing, take responsibility for themselves, and refuse to let others enslave them. In particular, they should not submit to any government that claims the right to confiscate their lives without their consent, i.e., no government which imposes non-voluntary taxation.

I mean, we have this system where people work, and they don't even know that they are enslaved because the value of what they store their labor in is inflated away.

And you say you disagree with this because we are saying we know what is best for others. No, we shouldn't tell them they are enslaved...God forbid.

On the other hand, you say that you don't want to run peoples' lives. You just want to impose on them the government resulting from a document which was specifically designed to legitimize the use of an army to go around collecting involuntary taxes.

What you are saying does not make any sense.

Please get this straight: I do not consent.