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Who said I owned a 45, lol?

For the record, I do not own one. But I have fired them, along with others. I also read ballistics now and then.

40 is a very good arm, as are others. I just wanted the readers to do a little research on their own before committing their hard-earned frns.

o/t, I was handing out literature at the gun show and overheard a bunch of guys talking. They said that they may confiscate guns door to door, but nobody was going to confiscate theirs. Another asked "why is that?". The answer was "because we're militia, and they won't dare go near our big'uns, but let them try". By the way, they didn't want any of my useless political literature, nor do they vote.. they go only by the Constitution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul