Comment: The NRA are just paid actors shilling for bigger government

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The NRA are just paid actors shilling for bigger government

The proof is in their position. One guy with a single gun in the school wearing a uniform, guess who the shooter's first target is going to be? As opposed to several or many concealed carry individuals going about their business. Guess what, a shooter won't know who's carrying! Isn't that the point, to gain some tactical advantage over a psychopathic killer? As other posters have pointed out, the NRA position is simply justification for "TSA in the schools", perish the thought!

Now imagine that every wanna be cop in the country who could not pass the academy, every gypsy cop who can't keep a job due to his erratic and violent behavior, every combat vet from Iraq or Afghanistan suffering from untreated PTSD because the VA kicked them for some bogus premise, every convicted felon who learned his weapons training on the streets, all these folks are now armed and trolling the halls filled with children. We've all seen videos of the "resource officers" harassing students.

Somehow armed citizens who volunteered to CC, peaceably going about their business, never even enters their mind as a solution. Bastards.