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Examples of battles in Liberty

E-Gold involved an aggressive, false, attack by criminals in government.

The Liberty Dollar involved the same thing.

PayPal was sold and taken over by people who turned it from what it was (competitive) to what it is now (less competitive), PayPal was incorporated into the Monopoly.

Bitcoin is a new competitor.

Utah State is now making Gold and Silver Legal.

Whiskey was a competitor in money markets, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton taxed and then crushed that competitor.

Later the home grown alcohol producers were again threatening the monopoly, and that inspired the so called "Prohibition".

Hemp was a competitor in many areas, causing that example of "prohibition".

How about this:

"At this point, the Austrian Central Bank panicked, and decided to assert its monopoly rights by banning complimentary currencies. The people successfully sued the Bank, but later lost in the Austrian Supreme Court. It then became a criminal offence to issue 'emergency currency'."

Gold was confiscated by Roosevelt.


Yes there is a battle over control of money.


And Trial by Jury works when enough people know enough about how it is designed to work. Trial by Jury is supposed to be "due process" due every single person. Due process, with Trial by Jury, is supposed to be based upon sortition, or random picking of juries, so as to have a representative sample of the whole body of The People.

If people know better, about Trial by Jury, about the Money Power Legal Crime Business (The FED), and if enough people know better about the Legal Extortion Business (The IRS), then anyone being convicted of a FALSE crime such as "using a competitive money" or failing to pay the extortion fee, then all it takes is one, ONE, Friend of Liberty, randomly picked from the entire population, to set that person who is presumed to be innocent FREE from harm by runaway criminal government.