Comment: Disclaimer for The Feds who Read This...

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Disclaimer for The Feds who Read This...

I am not advocating armed revolution in this post, merely expressing a 'concept'.


For all the 'peace and love' espoused by Dr. Paul and gobbled up and held tight as if a 'Linus security-blankie' by his adoring acolytes, there will almost certainly come a day when hard-men will have to wrest control of their lives and their liberties from the state, via force of arms.

If (when) this day comes, peace, love and non-violence will do nothing but get you and your circle of family and friends dead in the bottom of a slit-trench or rounded up and incarcerated.

All that being said, work, strive and advocate for peaceful transition to a liberty-protecting society, but you had better be prepared and able to switch hats to the opposite when that doesn't work and the state tightens is grip into totalitarianism...otherwise, step aside if that day arrives, because you'd merely be an obstacle and a hindrance.