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At some point in the

At some point in the starvation process, all the scum have left is their superiority in arms. Then, they will press that advantage for all it is worth. Bitcoin is great, as it allows one to shift wealth and savings into a fiendishly difficult to confiscate rom, but it is not a productive asset. And regardless of how intellect aliased the economy gets, lots of alum will inevitably have to be created in physical factories from physical resources on physical land. Meaning it is fundamentally confiscatable.

So, it is highly unlikely the "starve the beast" protocol will run all he way to completion without the stockpile of arms the oppressors have amassed being put into service. They simply will not just roll over and vanish, when they have tanks and attack helicopters, while all "we" have is pop guns, and not even that in most cases.

Now, if some of the wealth siphoned away from confiscation is put to use reducing the arms discrepancy between the oppressors and us, the incentive for the oppressors to escalate to armed conflict is lessened. Which, seemingly paradoxically for those who don't know better, may well reduce the toll of armed conflict.