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If honest productive people are allowed to continue to make more power out of less power (surplus wealth) the supply of POWER (surplus wealth) would quickly reach a level called abundance.

If there is abundant POWER then the honest productive people would have enough POWER to avoid having their POWER stolen and have that stolen POWER used to steal more.

Central Banks (monopoly) and Direct Tax (Extortion) and Standing Armies (Aggressive Violence) have to be fed with POWER from somewhere, and the only source of POWER (surplus wealth) is through honest people cooperating with each other equitably, trusting each other, sharing the POWER of Division of Labor, Specialization, and Economies of Scale, and machines, which are tools, just like fire is a tool, just like an inclined plane is a tool, just like sunlight is a tool.

In history, for example, the Egyptians were able to produce enough surplus wealth to make Pyramids, which is a huge cost, a huge expense of surplus wealth, which could have been used to make more wealth, more POWER, not Pyramids. The ancient Egyptians didn't have electric motors, bulldozers, assembly lines, oil POWER, not even coal power, and they made Pyramids.

War is the method by which the Legal Criminals GOVERN the production of POWER down to a level that keeps their victims powerless to resist being victims.

Hegelism was a formula such that Thesis - Antithesis = Synthesis

George Orwell wrote about Eurasia, Eastasia, and Oceana fighting a constant, perpetual war, for perpetual peace.

Look at the work of Anthony Sutton as follows:

Wall Street financing Hitler.
Wall Street financing Stalin.
Wall Street financing Roosevelt.

World War II.

Who do you think is financing all sides of World War III, which is already well underway?

George Orwell published the book 1984 in 1949.

I think he may have understood the dynamics of POWER.