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Wonderful post! Merry

Wonderful post! Merry Christmas to you!

In an abstract sense, the oppressors can only keep robbing and oppressing productive people as long as they can squeeze more out of them than the squeezing costs. Which means a very obvious path to liberty is simply becoming too darned expensive to govern.

One can do that by two means; by having very little available to steal, and by imposing high costs n anyone bent on oppressing one. The former can further be broken down to; either have very little period, or have what you have in difficult to conceal forms, like Bitcoin and perhaps gold.

Imposing costs can be done by civil disobedience, by "bleeding he beast" strategies like working under the table for Bitcoin while collecting welfare/unemployment, or by more directly destroying stuff that the oppressors will then have to pay for.

The occupy movement is demonstrating one way of doing this. They don't work in any way that generates confiscatable wealth for the scum to siphon off. While at the same time being such nuisances that the oppressors have to spend money on cops and others to contain them.

Some of the occupy people do fail, in that they do lend "moral" support to the oppressors instead of taking their "fashionably anarchist" a bit more seriously. But despite this, as long as they cost more to govern than they provide in income to the oppressors, they are on the right side of the ledger.

I short, become ungovernable, and you will or be governed.