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Just because an analogy CAN be used improperly or dishonestly in an argument, doesn't mean that any time an analogy is used, it's false.

You're saying that the DP is somehow anti-market because at the DP a system of "government" that resembles democracy, rather than the "order from chaos" model, is used. I'm pointing out that by that standard, any private business enterprise is anti-market, because it imposes its own strict, stifling rules....Any store only allows you to buy and sell on their terms, they will object vigorously if you say things that other customers find offensive, or if you're shoeless or shirtless, etc., etc....If you just judge Safeway by the rules imposed when you're on the premises, it's absurdly anti-individual, and anti-free trade.... but that's not valid, of course, because you can shrug and walk away.... Precisely the same with the DP. It's rules and organization scheme are offered for you to partake of or not. The fact that you can walk away and start a competing enterprise, or partake of someone else's offering, is where the market function is at work, not in the way this or that web site is set up.