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I probably didn't slow down enough to get your whole point, and maybe vice versa. Anyway, I see the conspiracy theorizing as an important--maybe the most important--part of the liberty conversation. If it tends to dominate the conversation on a liberty site, I see that as a valid outcome resulting from the free exchange of ideas the web taken as a whole offers....if people leave the DP because of it, that might put a damper on the spread of conspiracy stuff within the liberty movement, and that would be valid too. Just no way to say for sure how it will all fit together.

And, on the original point, I definitely don't think it's valid to categorically state that conspiracy stuff is harmful. It could be the conspiracy stuff that brings in the most young people, even if it does alienate older folks. Young people are probably more useful to the movement in the long run, so the worst thing to do may be to limit conspiracy theorizing...Just no way to know what leads to what. All I'm saying.