Comment: This is when I call people IGNORANT SHEEP.

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This is when I call people IGNORANT SHEEP.

In fact they know that which is why they do a lot of things they do to deliberately get people going ballistic scream at all their friends. Disinfo to make you look stupid.

Apparently this one reads minds and also knows the intent. The only thing you can KNOW is what is done, said etc... when people state their opinions as if they are fact that is IGNORANCE at it's core and what's worse it SPREADS IGNORANCE which is why I am so passionate about stamping out ignorance where ever I find it - it's a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS AND FATAL DISEASE IMO.

It spreads ignorance this way: Say this commenter states that line to someone they've known for a while VERY convincingly as if it's a FACT that they are positive of. Now the online friend who comes along is automatically prejudiced to anything I might post because the "FACT" is I "know it hurts the movement" and my intent is to "get people going ballistic and scream."

Stating opinions as if they are facts IMO is the biggest drain on the liberty movement... we're not ANY DIFFERENT than the status quo if the op has his way.