Comment: Here is What I Believe So Far

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Here is What I Believe So Far

1. People were murdered including children and guns were used to do the killing.

2. What was the motive? Much of the conjecture given from family members and friends who knew the Lanza family has been distorted by the media in an amateurish attempt to uncover the motive. The reporting has been 'fluid' in order to fit the crime to the reason for the killings. However I have yet to find a report from any healthcare professional who has come forward to state in an interview that Adam Lanza received treatment for a mental disorder and what drugs were prescribed for his illness. Where's the doctor?

3. The two people at the school who were wounded and the custodian who warned the teachers to flee. If anyone was able to state they saw Adam Lanza in the act of shooting the children, it would be these three people. As of yet the public has not heard from them. Why?

4. Adam Lanza allegedly did the killings. Adam is the primary suspect because his body is the only corpse found at the school that has no rationale for being there. No other shooters are in police custody. The guns at the scene belonged to his mother (Nancy). Adam lived with his mother and Nancy is dead of gunshot wounds. It all ties together very nicely. But there is no confirmed motive for Adam to kill his mother, only speculation and hyperbole whipped up by the media. Why would Adam kill his mother? If Adam was filled with rage and still wanted to lash out at society, why go to the elementary school and not the high school which was closer to where he lived? Teenagers experience the most peer pressure in high school and look for attention.

5. Compare Adam Lanza versus:

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who in 1999 killed 12 students and 1 teacher during the Columbine high school massacre (see: ) ,

Jeffery Weise, who in 2005 killed 1 security guard, 1 teacher and 5 students during the Red Lake high school massacre (see:,

Seung-Hui-Cho, who in 2007 killed 5 teachers and 27 students during the Virginia Tech massacre (see:
and Steven Phillip Kazmierczak, who in 2008 killed 5 students during the Northern Illinois University massacre (see:

6. What’s similar about Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Jeffery Weise, Seung-Hui-Cho, and Steven Phillip Kazmierczak?

A. They all did not try to hide their identities.

B. They all did not try to hide their anger at society and provided proof of their abnormal behavior in social media.

C. They all had a documented history of being under a doctor’s care and had received prescription medication.

7. Adam Lanza, what do we really know about him?

A. Adam hide his identity from the public (had his brother’s identification on his body, hard drives were destroyed from his home computer, etc.).

B. There is no historical record that Adam was angry at society.

C. There is no historical record that Adam participated in social media.

D. There no historical record that Adam was under a doctor’s care or had taken any prescription medication.

8. Conclusion – At this point in the investigation Adam doesn’t fit the profile of a disturbed young man who was capable of killing. He was introverted and shy but had no criminal record. No verifiable evidence has been presented so far that points to Adam having a reason to kill his mother or the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Until other facts comes to light, I believe someone else committed the murders because that person had motive. Guess who might that be?