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"No better vehicle has ever

"No better vehicle has ever existed for inequality and injustice than government."

One thing is worse; Anarchy.

"The greatest evils have been the arbitrary dictates of men who have the cover label of "law", and law enforcement."

In Anarchy, money will decide who controls force, how much you can wield and how it's used, thus whoever has the most money is deemed as right. The group with the most money buys the most might, and before you know it, you're right back where ya started, and it all happened under the table, without representation, elections, debate, or the consent of those who you intend to use force on.

If you DID want people to have any of that (representation, debate, elections, and consent) you wouldn't be an Anarchist, and you'd have to start talking about what kind of government you want to build after you destroy the current one.

Anarchy is at best a transitory state while you figure out why Governments are created to begin with.

"Hey, we just need wiser people to run it, right?"

Yep. That's why we're supposed to have elections and an informed and educated population. Good luck with that, but yes, for as long as the people can maintain it.

"I've already given you an alternative free market oriented solution."

I told you why they need to be rejected. Your ideas are undesirable, impossible, and indefensible; DEAD. I'm not ignoring ANYTHING, nor have I constructed any falsehoods Anarchist. In fact, just the opposite. You've ran your lying mouth calling me a statist, saying I support a big centralized government, when you know damn well that's not what a Libertarian supports.

Anarchists are no better than gun grabbers to me. Government is force, and they both use the same broken logic; blame the gun.

Remember this one?

"You- "Government is not the cause of injustice." <-OH REALLY!!!!!"

Is that 5 exclamation points? Wow! You must REALLY feel strongly that Government is the cause of injustice? At least you're starting to change your tune a little. Still rude and without value to liberty, but it's a start.