Comment: I'm Unsure What's Up W/ C4L

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I'm Unsure What's Up W/ C4L

And I have to say that I was very surprised that Ron didn't build a team of people that were trustworthy (at least from what I can tell from the negativity toward it from people I trust like Tom Woods). I still think Rand is worlds better than some establishment candidate like Romney or Obama but I definitely have issues w/ some of his policies/attitudes. I'm still hopeful (though very far from certain) that it's just an act and that Rand will turn into Ron should he win the presidency in 2016. It stinks that there's doubt about that though. And Ron's foreign policy is a MAJOR piece of why I support him. Maybe the idea w/ Rand is to get the Fed audited but pretend to be for these wars because once the Fed really does get audited, the wars will have to end anyway. That's just a theory though.