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Comment: Wheather She Is or Isn't Adam's Doctor Isn't The Point

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Wheather She Is or Isn't Adam's Doctor Isn't The Point

The point is that Adam was drugged mercilessly into a psychotic mess by ignorant, well meaning or opportunistic members of the medical complex.

There is no place in any society for most drugs. I would say most of us don't even know or even care what innoculations contain, because we assume that if the doctor recommends them for us to take, we just blindly allow the witch doctors in our society to administer these drugs to us.

I do not submit to taking any drugs or innoculations of any kind. Some of my friends have and are worse off because of it. No amount of warning or help from me seems to catch their ear. They are the walking dead and at the mercy of 'Frankenstein's Monster"

What we need in our society is to be properly educated to the dangers of drugs.

I know this is a difficult task because of the great amount of money pumped into big pharma advertising. The law has given great power to the psychiatric profession and as long as the crazed laws are in effect we are in great danger from these people. They have the power to have sain people incarcerated and drugged...

I have long believed that the medical profession act as inmates running the asylum..