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Bill, it's kinda your m.o. Others have even commented...

...about your condescending, insulting, ridiculing, sniping remarks.

There is such an abundance of your incessant collectivist posts where you use the term "truther" in an obviously demeaning way, I could prolly just post the link to the tracking of your comments and stop right there.

But since you asked... I'll start here with your thread where you pretend to be asking a serious question of whether truthers visit 9/11 debuking sites, but lace your OP with remarks that seek to marginalize.

I must say, Truther sites read like a bad (any) documentary from the Discovery Channel... I can hear Leonard Nemoy in the Background (accompanied by spooky 'In Search Of' music)

...and then there was the childish "elf" remark on another thread...

Is there an elf angle to the whole theory I'm unaware of?

Do they make a RAID product... that works on truthers? The DP is infested with them.... real pests.
I wish you would take your masturbatory 'truths' elsewhere... you make us all look bad.

Truthers don't want debate I don't debate them any more... I just ridicule them for being fools.

Truthers have no interest in debate
Their arguments are so insane and illogical - I think they are actually government plants trying to make the freedom movement look bad... and it works. This site is absolutely infested with them.... look how they flock to 9/11 posts.
What can I say? They have simple minds.

Yeah - I trust the voters in this thread just like I trust the voters of the nation. bunch of sheep - "bahhahha, thermite bahaaaaa, thermite

Spoken like a true paranoid

I'm tired of it. 'You guys' have latched onto the liberty movement...

[So people who question the establishment line on 9/11 aren't really part of the liberty movement and don't belong in it? Bill decides who's in and who gets the boot?]

Truthers tend to use bully tactics

Hahaha Well - I would expect such from a Truther. You always see what you want to see...

hahahahahahahahahahaha Keeping the truthers looking sane! Hahahahahahaha!!!

I hope they have a plan to keep the nuts at bay

I live in the universe called 'reality'
You apparently live in one called "If My Simple Mind Can't Fathom it, it must be a Government Conspiracy" - aka The Great State of Paranoia.

Ah - the instigator known as enemyofthestate1776...oh great provocateur.

[note- enemyofthestate1776 was not nasty and said nothing that warranted the "instigator" and "provocateur" labels in that thread. Numerous people, however, did comment on Bill's bad behavior in that thread.]

And of course things wouldn't be complete without the ~your mom's~ insults...

Get in your mom's car... and drive out there for yourself.
Why don't you keep this crap on your facebook page? Why stink up the whole DP with your shit?

Didn't you borrow your mom's car yet?

Bill, that is plenty to prove my statement to you above. It is quite ironic that you scold someone for what fits you like Cinderella's slipper.