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Yep that sums it up. You

Yep that sums it up. You think people like David Icke, George Noory, Tila Tequila, Alex Jones, etc etc even mix up the truth with moonbattery on accident?


Let me make it clear. Even if there are aliens possessing political leadership it is still economic ignorance holding people in fief.

Whether it's aliens (let's just say rather unlikely is an understatement) or just normal avaricious sociopaths, the solution is the same. Reject the false economic paradime of collectivism and central planning. If it were aliens that doesn't give you some special anti-alien ray that would work that wouldn't work on regular old evil men.

We have the tools. We have the work of decades of austro-libertarian geniuses deconstructing the economic, ethical, moral, and empirical case for statism. There isn't one thing a statist can say that you do not have the tools to demolish.

You don't need zeta reticulans, jewluminati, or zombi Hitler.

But yes I would suggest, do not attribute to aliens what is perfectly well explained by malice.