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the doctor who "discovered" the chemical in grapefruit that can cause blood levels of certain drugs to rise:

"Fortunately, these drugs are safe enough that boosting absorption for most people will be of no consequence. It appears, however, that a rare patient may have adverse symptoms — for example, muscle tenderness with certain cholesterol medications. "

"To my knowledge there have been no confirmed reports of deaths occurring as a result of patients taking their medications with grapefruit juice."

"I personally feel that if you have been taking medicine with grapefruit juice every morning, and the drug is working fine, and your physician is happy, then there is no reason to change."

"The reality is that a rare patient would get into trouble because of the interaction between a drug and grapefruit juice. This is not a public health issue."

Dr. Paul Watkins, MD

What these rabid mainstream media reports (fueled by pharma $$$) fail to report is that 30,000+ people die EVERY YEAR from prescription drugs and are estimated to be the 4th leading cause of death in the US.


You can defend the pharma industry until you turn blue in the face but the empirical truth is that pharma drugs kill 30,000+ people every year and on a rare occasion people consuming grapefruit get sore muscles. Wake up from your propaganda induced delusion.

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