Comment: Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE): Goldman & Morgan Stanley

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Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE): Goldman & Morgan Stanley

Intercontinental Exchange. Inc. (ICE): Goldman & Morgan Stanley Submitted by Mark Twain, 11/17/2010

Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley created ICE (their private start-up Casino exchange) run Oil price up to $147 / barrel. What those rascals did was illegal in America so they off-shored it. Actually, they bought this small Georgia, USA commodity exchange back in the days when US investment banks could not dabble in commodities as investments. They bought this small brokerage exchange. Set up rigging. Then, tried their luck at running an international casino with commodity chips. Their $147/barrel oil price is legend. The gamed it profittably up & down. They became the US foreign legion... An international mercenary legion, unto themselves.

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