Comment: Amen!

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Another breath of fresh air for the Daily Paul, given us by the Paul who daily battles on our behalf like no other congressman in history!

It is sweet to hear truth from the floor of the House of Representatives.

It is reprehensible that so few trumpet the same clarion call of danger from atop the walls and halls of Congress.

How energizing to hear Dr. Paul continue his piercing thrusts against tyranny on nearly a daily basis! But it is a sad day for America that so few in both Congress and the electorate are energized thereby and rise up to defend liberty!

There is not only method in Congressman Paul's consistency, but there is life giving food for any who will listen, and he is counting on all of us to not only listen, but act!

Beware to those who threaten liberty anywhere, for you threaten liberty everywhere... and ACT we shall!