Comment: Ooh fantastic, dw.

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Ooh fantastic, dw.

I am glad you clarified that. I have not been sure what to think of these chemtrails. They definitely spray them over population centers and remote areas as well. I assumed they were exactly what you referred to: geo-engineering. There was a very long government document covering all the aspects of geo-engineering and climate change posted somewhere. I have been questioning 'climate change' for quite awhile.

Perhaps you could clear up some things. I have seen many charts derived from ice cores in either Antarctica or Greenland. They show co2 vs. temperature for several hundred thousand years. The cores contained small air pockets that could be tested for co2 content. But all the charts vary slightly. In the following chart carbon leads temperature:
But then in this next chart temperature leads carbon:
There are many more charts Online. They all show one or the other leading. How could this possibly be? It can't be both. Today's plants survive in an oxygen starved environment. What was the temperature back when the plants were ginormous and the bugs and dinosaurs colossal? The carbon levels were 5 to 10 fold greater than today. Is the greenhouse theory is correct? Carbon levels have definitely skyrocketed since the beginning of the industrial revolution. But is temperature really skyrocketing too?

I would really like to hear your professional opinion on this.