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Please listen carefully to Ron Paul:

1. The Constitution has been a "pretty good" contract between the people and government. It is not perfect.

2. Our Constitutional form of government has been a failure, and we were warned when it was adopted that things would end up exactly as they have. (See Ron Paul's farewell address.)

3. There are some aspects of the Constitution which need to be improved.

These are points that Ron Paul has made. In light of them, it is clear that he views the Constitution as a step in the right direction, but only because of the mess we are presently in.

The facts of the matter are these: The Constitution protects no rights. It was never designed to do so. The parts of the Constitution that even talk about rights are *amendments.* Do you know what an amendment is? In this case, it was an attempt to put a brake on the basic function of the document. An amendment is an addition to change what was viewed as a mistake.

The basic function of the Constitution was to legitimize the confiscation of wealth for the government at the end of the barrel of a gun. This was the very thing that the Revolutionary war was started over. And the Constitution put exactly the same tyranny back on the backs of the people who were left after fighting that war.

That's pretty simple. Don't you think.

I hope you can understand. What we have is the result of the Constitution.

Creating myths about the beauty of the Constitution is not down to Earth. It is living in denial.

Down to Earth and simple: Basing a society on the principles of slavery and violent domination has to end.

The only way to end it, is to get those principles out of the hearts and minds of the slaves. Yes, it's a royal pain in the neck to do so, and an overwhelming task. But we've got to do it. Yes, the Constitution can be a kind of stepping stone to get people to think about things. In particular, it can be pointed out that the amendments, and certain other procedural points, are ignored. And this is basically how Ron Paul uses the Constitution. Get someone to read the Constitution, and they can see that some things in it are not followed. All well and good. But then he (Ron Paul) moves on to talk about *liberty* which is an entirely different thing. And it's a much more important thing. But maybe I've lost you there.