Comment: CO2 is a trace gas at best.

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CO2 is a trace gas at best.

Fact - Carbon dioxide is an effective greenhouse gas. Absorption of certain wavelengths of radiation (light) cause carbon dioxide to vibrate. The induced vibration is what we recognize as temperature. As the vibration of the gas molecules increase so does the measured temperature and vice versa.

where the heck did you get that from? the sun heats the earth radiantly. that is where the heat comes from.

if you really want to know how our earth's upper atmosphere works. it works the same way the vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle works.
Latent heat of vaporization does not affect the temperature of the substance in question. it is simply a heat transfer mechanism that we do not understand very well.
heat is given up when a gas changes to a liquid. this makes the upper atmosphere the condenser. it is a heat rejection process.
radiant heat only manifests itself when it strikes a surface. it does not heat the gases in between.
if these laws have changed, please provide references.
temperature does not measure heat content, it only measures the concentration. or intensity.
the heat content is measured as BTU's or calories.
I am trying to help and make things clearer. and yes,
I really am an HVACTech.