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What's wring with me? I joined the GOP

The Liberty movement is anti-GOP. The Liberty Movement is not serious about changing politics, just profitting off the politicall passionate and nieve.

Ron Paul's message is a huge learning curve, and that's why he founded campaign for Liberty, because people don't know, Roberts Rules of Order, or how their government/ parties/lobbiests, PACS, astroturf, grassroots operates, the differences, the laws. It would be great if we could get blind obedience based on just learning the truth of what the government is and how it works.. but we don't have that.. instead, we have many that want to end government, and some who actually want a NWO, and others who don't care about RP's message, but definately want to profit off it. And as a capitalist, I have no problem with people profitting off the message, but to say that Ron Paul was not GOP from the beginning... he was. I was there. I refused to join the GOP and the campaign refused to work with me.. I joined the GOP and the campaign has not stopped witking with me. What's up with that?

GOP takeiover stratigy has accomplished much in my area, where we have more meetings that they do, and we have become a force that they can not beat because there are more of us here.. but that is not the case across CA, so I feel very blessed.. and I have abundant hope for the GOP locally because we are able to do things.. I will be seated on the County Board as well, and there are other areas. that if it was not for my being an established Republican, I would have no chance to get a seat.. so we are making in roads, where folks like me,, all my years as a Libertarian and Indy.. never had this opportunity, and it's awesome. Rand is going to do very well. I'm so very pleased to see him get MSM attention.

The losers refuse to get the message and make it work, would rather sign wave as if anyone who could do something gave a damn about sign waves. I'll be sure to honk for yah. You be sure to watch for our resolutions, inniatives, and future GOP candidates.