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I recall in 07 being told by the CA campaign manager for RP to join the GOP. I refused. Campaign had nothing to do with me. They worked with my sister and with others I knew that did join the GOP, but they would not work with me. When RP announced his bid for 12, I joined the GOP, and hte campaign has worked with me all the way. We're all still in touch.

Ron Paul's idea to take the GOP is genius. I'm so glad I stepped up and inot the arena because the GOP was NOTHING like I thought, or what many say, and now that there are so many of us, it's a pleasure.

So when I see Adam here complaining, whinning, thimping his chest and blaming the Pauls.. Adam has his own agenda, as does the Liberty Movement.. that spends more time attacking Ron Paul, his sin and campaign than Obama or the Neocons.

Who the hell are YOU to threaten my credibility? Get real. What are YOU doing?