Comment: In a word, yes... " I think

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In a word, yes... " I think

In a word, yes... "

I think we all agree the system is corrupt and the narrative is controlled nearly completely in America now with the internet being one of the last bastions of hope.

I think the periodic over speculation on current events by some here pushes new people who consider themselves rational thinkers from considering staying to listen to any of our arguments or truths. When confronted with the UFO/Bigfoot and similar nonsense that is posted here from time to time it can be enough to discredit the entire site and easily allow it (and us) to be labeled.

Couple that with sometimes fact-less speculation on events that more than proposes a simple hypotheses, but goes several steps down the rabbit hole without offering solid steps along the trail for the thoughtful reader to follow.

Overcoming that rationale in some of our more prolific posters and the connotation associated with vehement if not sometimes vindictive and/or irrational behavior in our responses to each other is a hurdle for me as I am sure it must be for others when beginning to question and consider a new way of thinking about what they have believed or even advocated previously.

Remember it goes against instinct for an animal to leave the herd especially when we do not offer another herd to join if they come to truly understand the message of liberty.

My suggestions, dump the "weird stuff" category, help each other with perceived gaps in reason in posts, and down vote irrationality immediately.

If we stick to; "freedom is popular" and "liberty provides an environment for freedom to exist", all the other arguments will fall into place. They (the MSM) have been controlling the narrative for too long. Don't accept their terms or talking points and continue to turn the conversation and educate as Dr. Paul does with patience and compassion...

viva la DP!!!

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.