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The continuous spectrum of radiation from the sun....

doesn't only contain visible light. Infrared radiation is also present which can directly be absorbed by gases in the atmosphere. However, much of the infrared radiation absorbed by the atmosphere is radiated from the earth after it initially absorbs higher wavelength light from the sun and re-emits at longer wavelengths in the IR range of the spectrum. Increasing the cloud cover decreases the amount of radiation reaching the surface through reflection thereby reducing the amount of available IR light for absorption by atmospheric gases.

I'm sure that you may be more well informed about chemistry and physics than many, but this is my field. I would be happy to discuss things with you, but I ask that you be more respectful until you finish your PhD.

(Regarding below and slightly contrary to what I stated) I will agree that there would be no net temperature increase of the system (defining the system as the water and the particulate matter) upon condensation of the droplet. In my mind, I had defined the system as the particulate matter only which would experience a net temperature increase upon the condensation (hence the steam and evaporative cooling examples I gave). With further thought and consideration of the entire system, there may actually be a net temperature decrease when its all said and done (regardless of the fact that the phase change is a constant temperature process) due to the fact that molecular vibrations will be better dampened upon the formation of the larger complex.