Comment: Chemtrails in Charlotte

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Chemtrails in Charlotte

Just the opposite has been occurring here in Charlotte, NC. (orig. post from dwalters)

When there is a lot of clouds, or even when they start to form, the planes are at it full force. Within several hours, the skies are completely clear. It looks like hell until they are finished, but eventually everything goes away.

When the skies are perfectly clear, none of the planes flying overhead leave a trail. I figured they were getting rid of the clouds so it would not rain.

I have witnessed several planes flying around the sky...leaving very long trails and evenly spaced with another plane right along beside them (or so it looks like they are right along the side of them).

I have also seen the long trails...and regular planes around CLT Airport that go right through their trail. The regular airplanes do not leave a trail...even on very cold mornings.

I wish someone would report what in the world is going on and why they are doing this. How about those weathermen...tell me they do not notice anything strange in the sky.

When I was a kid, the clouds used to be white and they all seem gray and milky.

There is even a website ( that admit they modify our weather and one of their biggest clients is the Department of Defense.

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