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It's an attitude like that

that turns people off. Treat people how you want to be treated, it'll get you much further than acting like a condescending jackass.

ecorob, let me ask you something-- if someone was trying to give you a piece of information concerning subject X, and all they did was call you a fool and a sheep, and just kept repeating slight variations of those responses ad infinitum...would *you* want to listen to that? How would you like it if that person kept making baseless assumptions about your character and motives, simply for having a difference of opinion?

Like I said before, this place is becoming another Objectivist movement-- where individualism and the search for truth are espoused, yet any and all dissenting opinions result in ridicule and excommunication from the hivemind.

Seems more and more members here are becoming as rude, arrogant, and dismissive as the people who marginalized Dr. Paul for having a different view on many issues.

There's some 'truth' for you.

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