Comment: Ahh... "conspiracy theories"

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Ahh... "conspiracy theories"

Ahh... "conspiracy theories".

I dislike the compound noun so much. Especially because they make such abuse of the two misnomers :

"conspiracy" and "theories".

"Theories" ? How could that be, when we're speaking of uncontroversial FACTS ?

"Conspiracies" ? Where and when could that be, when the great DESIGN is already so vastly DOCUMENTED ?

Want examples Ron Paul has at heart for a while now ? I suspect he didn't alert us about them "just for fun"...

Examples :

it is NO "theory" that the Dow Jones Industrial Average HAS BEEN CRASHING for TEN YEARS continuing TODAY - Er... Nope. It is instead APPLIED MATHEMATICS (level : high school algebra) :

it is NO "conspiracy" that the US Dollar has been under SUSTAINED DESTRUCTION for 100 years - Er... Nope.


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