Comment: If you don't buy it, please state why...

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If you don't buy it, please state why...

If I tell you that the inside of a watermelon is blue until you cut it open, and you have to prove me wrong, you are already at an incredible disadvantage.

This is the same thing. It's like you are bursting a feather pillow open on a windy day saying, "Look what the Jews did" and then everyone else's responsibility is to prove you wrong and try to pick up all of the feathers? It's impossible and the damage is done.

And it is not appreciated. It's not appreciated that it is on this site, that I have enjoyed reading for years, and it's not appreciated that when new readers take a look at the dailypaul and read this garbage, they associate it with Dr. Ron Paul - which in the end - hurts the liberty movement.

This is absolutely not what the rEVOLution was all about - scapegoating - and that's what this is.