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But only everyone who wants to control your actions is your enemy; and so, you're enemies with all parties.

Only RP was asked why he didn't waste his time finding out the background on everyone donating him $5.

Even libertarians like Greg Gutfield throw you under the bus. Watching his show religiously now, and wouldn't you know the day after the election someone said they wouldn't speak to anyone they knew who was a democrat, and this person happened to support RP.

For whatever reason though even this "libertarian" had to point out the fact it was a RP guy, and call him a RP kook... while amazingly ignoring the fact that the immediate reason this individual was pissed at these dems had nothing to do with RP, it was actually that Romney lost.

When your greatest supporters call you names, why is it you are concerned what your enemies think?

I say not responding to their childish barbs is how we win. You have to be deaf to not hear leftist conspiracies on a daily basis. They don't feel the need to answer your more righteous challenges. Why do you feel the need to respond to theirs?

PS - Van Jones, a leftist, is a truther. Why do you equate truthers with libertarians? Because the media tells you to?