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Comment: How many pilots have to say "That is impossible?"

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How many pilots have to say "That is impossible?"

A lesson in language:
A LAW can NOT be broken. Codes and regulations can, but Natural Laws may be temporarily defied, but not broken. Can you disobey gravity? Physics? Aerodynamics?
I am not an expert, but when experts tell me "That is impossible" I try to understand. There are many pilots who have given detailed explanations of why the Pentagon could NOT have been a plane as large as the one that supposedly hit the Pentagon.
What happened? How the hell am I supposed to know? All I know is the "official story" does not hold water. I have seen MANY shots of airplane crashes and NEVER have I seen the plane disintegrate. Well, except on 9-11, when steal frame building ceased to be able to withstand fire, too.
A correction: Natural Laws cannot be broken, except on 9-11 by "terrorists."

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