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strawman BS there!
Only TWO camps, and I have to pick one?
Gee, can I build my own camp? I'll camp here all alone.
I don't know what happened in Sandy Hook, but I know the official story has too many holes in it for me to just "believe."
My camp wants to KNOW what happened, and so is attempting to investigate. If the media or police were doing this, there would be no need for my camp, but as the media (and government) have a LONG history of false flag attacks and lying through their teeth and now they have made it legal to use propaganda to promote their wars and well...
Now, if you want to know what I SUSPECT, I will tell you. I do not BELIEVE anything, except that I am being lied to.
I SUSPECT people died, and Adam and Nancy Lanza are among the dead. Who killed them? Don't know. Who killed the kids? Don't know. How many bullets were fired? Don't know. Did Adam die from a long gun bullet? Don't know. How many kids died where? Don't know. Supposedly 20 dead kids in 2 classes that were wiped out. One class had 16 kids. One kid was supposedly killed being a "hero" in the hall. (This is a RED FLAG.) NO ONE KNOWS what that kid was thinking, but we need a "hero" to tug on the heart strings... Anyway, we are up to 17 kids, and still have a whole classroom to account for.
As long as I am establishing new camps, let me assign you one:
People who want to sell the official story by painting those who ask questions with one brush, as if we all shared one thought.
I am really impressed with your skill at "divide and conquer tactics." Wonder where you got that kind of training?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.