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Dr. Paul was/is a member of that corrupt GOP organization. In addition he was and is not infallible, as evidenced by his advancement of that corrupt party.

I expect that his advancement of the GOP largely revolved around his own need to survive within the beast by some compromise of his principles to some extent to endorse globalist-collectivists for inner-party leadership positions, etc. I also expect that since he was beholden to the GOP to some extent and since the plans for Lil' Rand were not hatched overnight, nor thought about in a vacuum, he continued(s) to advocate sticking with the party, previously for both of them, now for the legacy and future of Lil' Rand.

Self-preservation and a father's love and all that jazz, but since I am not drinking any kool-aid, I see it as I see it.

Whatever the reasons for his hitching himself to the diseased-wagon that is the GOP, he did not change it. It changed, steadily and for the worse, despite his best efforts.

For some of us, this was never about a man (Dr. Paul). Rather, it has always been about the drive to restore the Republic, wrest power from the state and to advance liberty. Dr. Paul was merely a shining example and a good messenger.

Yes, yes, I know that this is the 'Daily Paul' and that many revere the good doctor as if he were divine and they will adhere to every word he said and every action he took as if it were the bible itself; referring back to what 'Dr. Paul said', or what 'Dr. Paul would do' and on and on ad nauseum.

To me, that is frighteningly cult-like. Now I see a smaller segment of 'the movement' deifying Lil' Rand because his name is 'Paul' and holding tight to him along with the 'bible of Ron' as if that were the 'one-true way to enlightenment'.

Kinda sad, very pathetic and utterly telling.

You go on and hold tight to that diseased, corrupt piece of globalist-collectivist filth that the GOP-wing of the party is.

For me, I was in this long before I ever heard of Dr. Paul and God-willing, I will be in the fray for a good many years to come.

None of 'my' efforts will be via the GOP, however. The GOP is utterly a part of the Globalist-Collectivist Party and establishment and they will not continence being taken over.Other methods and other avenues must be found and used.

Those avenues and methods will rest with individuals and with any organization that hold to what I see as being necessary.

Long-winded to be sure, but not for you, rather, it is for any who may read this and who may decide to take a step back and actually assess.

That is all.

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.