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from my take adam still

holds ron paul in the highest regard. he has a problem with rand, tate, benton and the "avenger
and he is not alone with those concerns..

please provide a link where ron paul says we should take over the GOP. i keep hearing that
here but have yet to see a link that proves it. sure, it makes sense to infiltrate ALL parties
but not with high expectations, after all they change the rules to suit them.

here are pull quotes and a link (there's more too) that makes it clear he's talking about (and always has been really)
an ideological revolution. this makes more sense to me personally and what i've heard for years from the great libertarian thinkers:

"Well, it's not my party. I don't like politics at all and I think both parties are Keynesian economists and both parties support the positions that I don't like. So the party in many ways is irrelevant," said the three-time presidential candidate, an avowed enemy of the public spending championed by British economist John Maynard Keynes.
"Our appeal right now is to independents and Democrats .. these people want their freedom. They want some money, they want to bring the troops home, they want the wars to end. They want the spending to quit," Paul said. "I am super energized and optimistic about what's happening because the ideas are changing. What I'm talking about is an ideological revolution."