Comment: We = the General public 1.

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We = the General public 1.

We = the General public

1. "We" were told the only guns there were handguns, until the ME said everyone died from long gun wounds. No one has EVER tied the bullets to any particular gun, that I have seen. If you have that kind of proof linking weapon to murder, I would LOVE to see it.

--Well, the ME identified the weapon used - that is the official conclusion, announced publicly. Now you can disbelieve the ME, but you need some evidence to show he is lying. The fact that the press mis-reported this detail is not proof of anything. The details should be available publicly when final reports are issued. Its OK to be skeptical of this until you see the direct evidence, but to say its a lie is not.

2. There is supposed to be a custodian who warned everyone who survived, too. Or else the body count is off again. Or are you telling me that a 6 year old was the custodian?

--Perhaps the custodian does not want to talk to the press. wouldn't be surprising. He may well have talked to the police, and I'll bet he did. So either he gave evidence that goes along with the police narrative ,or the police and the custodian are complicit in some cover up. But you can't assume a cover up just because the custodian has not talked to the press.

3 I'll give you.

4. There IS a link between nearly all these shootings, it is antidepressants.

There is no evidence of that. First, most people on antidepressants don't shoot anyone. Second, these shooters used various different antidepressants, or anti-anxiety drugs or other medications - different drugs all havingthe same connecting side effect is ridiculous. Third, their mental conditions and family situations were all different. The Feds love to profile us, so they can use that as justification to control us - if they can predict someones crime, they can. look at how they are claiming that mass murders are all white men - but this happens in China, Africa, all over the world - there is no connection to ANYTHING other than the individuals free will.

5. Adam's body at the school proves he died there. No one has told me yet if Adam died of long gun wounds, and if so, how he managed that. No one has explained why the name "Lanza" comes across police scanners before the shooter was identified. And if you are "betting" that police have proof YOU are now in speculation mode. I have not even heard the police claim they have any proof. What they DID have, almost immediately, was a story how RYAN was dead in the school with ONLY handguns at the scene, and ADAM was in custody. I understand they have a "mistaken identity" cover story now, but that does not explain how they had BOTH Lanza boys accounted for, then lost one. And how did they know, so fast, that BOTH girlfriends were missing? And why do we keep hearing that Adam was a loner if he had a girlfriend?

--Most of this was errant media reports and social media rumors - do you have proof beyond a press report or a facebook posts that they had ADAM in custody ? There were also reports that Adam had killed his father. What the police thought, and what they knew are two different things. Police always speculate wildly, and over react.
The police are so often wrong early in an investigation. In any case it is not evidence of anything.

Carl Miller will teach you what you want to know. Watch his series "Know Your Constitution."